Wingedex Fees

Trading Commission

All trades have a 0.1% commission.

We Work on Maker-Taker Model

Wingedex employs the “maker-taker” model with the purpose of maximizing liquidity and narrowing the spread on cryptocurrency markets. With our system, “makers” are encouraged to keep adding liquidity to the market. The chief aim of maker-taker fees is to stimulate trading activity within an exchange by extending the incentive to post orders and facilitating trading. On Wingedex, "Takers" are charged with 0.1% fee from the trade. "Makers" are not charged with a fee. On the contrary, they receive a 0.01% rebate from the trade. In our maker-taker model, the "taker" is a trader who removes the liquidity from the book by placing an order that matches immediately with an existing order on the book. The taker pays the fee from the committed trade. The "maker" is a trader who provides liquidity to the order book by placing a limit order below the best ask price for the buy and above the best bid price for the sell..

Deposit Commission

All cryptocurrencies have a 0.0% commission.

Withdraw Commission

The commission is appointed by the coin blockchain. To ensure the withdrawal, we will freeze the minimum balance

Coin Min. balance